Our Kinder® Goats

Senior Does

Coffey Grounds Nutmeg

Coffey Grounds Nutmeg "Nutmeg" is by Zederkamm Flori's Captain Nemo out of Just One More Mocha Grande. Nutmeg was born March 28, 2002. She was an old and wary goat when we met. She recognized I was a greenhorn and snubbed me for months. Somewhere through the years she has come to recognize we have much in common. I am deeply honored to be her friend. Nutmeg is our foundation doe and has everything you could ask for in a Kinder. She has produced a number of beautiful kids for us who carry on her lineage. Nutmeg is now retired.

Zederkamm T&O's Marzipan

Zederkamm T&O's Marzipan "Marzi" is by Zederkamm F&D's Technicolor out of Zederkamm P&O's Orchid. She was born May 9, 2008. Marzi has a sweet and cooperative spirit. Her three kidding seasons have all yielded Quads, and she is an excellent mother. Plenty of milk to go 'round! and look at that beautiful Kinder confirmation! (she is standing on a slight uphill slope here, so her top line is not well represented, but you can she has bunches of brisket, and the overall body wedge we look for in the Kinder world.)

Glenn Creek Dollup, Dribble and a Dip

Glenn Creek Dollup, Dribble and a Dip "Dolly" is by Zederkamm R&A's Heartbreaker out of Good N Plenty Clover. She was born July 27, 2010. Dolly is a Nutmeg granddaughter. We are very pleased to have this calm and mild mannered girl. She is put together beautifully, and like her grandmother, has a nice tight attachment.

Glenn Creek P&P's Lilly Anne

Glenn Creek P&P's Lilly Anne "Lilly Anne" is by Bramble Patch Kinder Mi Ebony's Black Pepper out of Good N Plenty Posie. She was born April 29, 2011. Lilly Anne Is a Nutmeg great-granddaughter. This girl has it all! Pretty conformation, well supported udder, and a colorful package to boot. Both her mother and grandmother had, and produced, loads of color. We expect that we shall see the same from Lilly Anne!

Junior Does

Zederkamm T&A's Allium

Zederkamm T&A's Allium is by Glenn Creek Thor, by Bramble Pathc Kinder Tribute to B Nelson out of Coffey Grounds Nutmeg, out of Zederkamm P&A's Acacia, By Bramble Patch Kinder Mi Ebony's Black Pepper out of Zederkamm W&A's Anemone. She was born March 20, 2012. We are so pleased to have been able to purchase this Nutmeg granddaughter back from Zederkamm. As is common in this line, she has beautiful refined conformation without being petite or light boned. She has a tight udder attachment and has produced beautiful kids in her first freshening. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this beautiful doe!

Glenn Creek Z&N's Caprichina

Glenn Creek Z&N's Caprichina "Caprichina" is by Zederkamm R&A Zorro out of Coffey Grounds Nutmeg. She was born April 18, 2012. Caprichina is one of Nutmeg's only two daughters. She was out of Nutmeg's last kidding. Caprichina has produced two lovely, and colorful, daughters. We are very excited to see what is in store next for this very special doe!


Glenn Creek HS & C's Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

Glenn Creek HS & C's Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah "Zipper" is by Glenn Creek CJ & D's High Sea and out of Glenn Creek C & M's Chinook. Born June 7th, 2013, Zipper is a super friendly and lovable gal! She is well put together with flashy markings. Her dam Chinook has an excellent udder attachment and generous orifices making her a dream to milk! Her lineage traces back to many noteworthy goats from Zederkamm, Narnia Farms, and Bramble Patch Kinder. Zipper is the complete package! We are proud to announce that Zipper is ready to leave her mom and is available for purchase.

Glenn Creek HS & A's Citrus Reticulata

Glenn Creek HS & A's Citrus Reticulata "Clementine" is by Glenn Creek CJ & D's High Sea and out of Zederkamm T&A's Allium. Named after the Clementine orange because "[t]he exterior is a deep orange colour with a smooth, glossy appearance". (Wikipedia) We thought that the name fit this sweet girl! She is a bit of a legacy around here. Her dam is by Glenn Creek Thor (owned by and standing at Zederkamm) who is by BPK Tribute to B Nelson and out of our foundation doe Coffey Grounds Nutmeg (now retired). This bloodline is to die for and hard to come by! They are known for their stunning conformation, tight attachments, and winning personalities. Clementine is only available because we are keeping her twin brother to stand at stud next season.

About Us

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to produce the healthiest food possible for my family. I love chatting with others like yourself who are also looking for a way to detox from the current factory food chain. Our little corner of the planet is abundant with rich rewards. We are glad for the opportunity to share the bounty with friends and neighbors.

We proudly raise Kinder® Goats.

Kinder® goats were originally bred by Pat Showalter in Snohomish, WA. We are proud to have her continued mentoring and support of our breeding program. Kinder® goats are the only truly dual purpose breed and excel at producing both milk and meat.

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